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General questions

Sense of Business Intelligence

Businesses across the globe are getting globalized and major key to it is Business Travel. It has become important either for a small business enterprise or multinationals, to travel across the globe and meet the demands of global buyers. Businesses are dependent on the analytics of making good decisions and so do travel for business. In America, there are 405 million business trips made across the globe as per reports of Bureau of Transportation. This in return in leading to increase in expenses for the company as it involves cost of hotel stays, airline tickets and meals. To maintain economical operations of the company it is important to minimize such expenses and that can easily possible with Prime Travels.

Travelling for business is not an easy task as it involves sleeping on flights, packing continuously for one or another business trips and staying connected to your mobile to track your routine. Positive attitude is the first step that enables you to do stress and work efficiently during your travel. Another key to enhance your productivity during your travel for business is Kindness. Here are some of the keys that will help in Business intelligence

Expense Report Mechanization

Streamline expense reports, save time & reduce costs with various expense solution technologies.

Credit Card Settlement

Mechanize credit card settlement of travel procuring cards with your back end accounting organization.

Travel Analytics

Brighten the route to finest practices & let your organization to invest in a smarter way and save money.

Unemployed Ticket Management

Keep a track of all vacant tickets in actual time & help itinerants to use them irrespective of how they book their business travel.

Budget the travel

While sending your employees for a business trip, make sure you create a budget for your team, So that a business trip is an overwhelming experience. This will help them to be in the ballpark, which leads to limit your overall cost.

Stay to your Work Schedule

You will actually save money when you stick to your work schedule rather going out for sightseeing. It might not be the best way to enjoy a business trip, but it will surely help in reducing costs and getting the work done more efficiently.

Incentivize Savings

Every week plan a meeting to look down at your expense on business travel. This will give everyone on the team a visibility on your expense and how quickly can they add up to meet the profits.

Stay in close proximity to your Business meeting

Check and know about the place where you are travelling. It is advisable to stay near the business place as it will help in reducing your expense of transportation.

All your stress during business trips can be easily managed by Prime Travels as tey serve as a one stop solutions for business travel. They will help in booking low cost airlines tickets with stay in high end hotels in the most budgeted way. You just need to tell us the place of travel and we are there with best available options for enhancing your productivity in your business.